Performance Highlights

  • Completed the field work early despite initial delays from barging
  • Through selective demolition on two buildings (515 and 618), we reduced waste going into the landfill by 75%, removing only the insulation that was saturated; increased productivity and overall quality by applying a superior roofing membrane that could be applied in one-third of the time as conventional materials, and provided a better warranty and expected life.
  • Received the following CPAR: Quality and Schedule, Very Good; Cost Control, Satisfactory; Management, Exceptional; Regulatory Compliance, Satisfactory.
  • Commended by Tracy Kissler, COR: “Contractor was proactive, provided leadership, and was very responsive and informative during negotiations, value engineering and execution of the work. No actions were required on behalf of the contracting agency (AFCEC) or the client (Air Force 611th CES)…Contractor did an excellent job overseeing work with multiple subcontractors performing throughout the duration of the project.”